Merry Hill Mineral Water, a Cure for What Ailed You in 1917

Mrs Magdalina PinkertFrom A History of San Luis Obispo and Its Environs with Biographical Sketches, 1917:

Even travelers motoring through Paso Robles, and making no pretense to stopping there longer than to take a meal or two, will scarcely fail to climb to the top of Merry Hill, and there, amid several open acres, with a magnificent valley spread out before them, imbibe to their heart’s content of the mineral water so long famous for its curative properties, and of particular benefit to those afflicted with rheumatism, kidney and stomach troubles, insomnia and gout.

An interesting story is revived as to how these famous mineral waters came into the possession of the present owner, Mrs. Magdalina Pinkert. Her husband, Julius H. Pinkert, was an old settler in California, whose birthplace was none other than the famous art center of Germany, Dresden, from which city, as a tailor, and while yet a young man, he came to Texas. Three years afterward he was plying his trade in San Francisco, and there, in 1894, he married Miss Magdalina Neiderstrasse, a native of Saalfelden, Austria. She was the daughter of Mathias and Anna (Hochweimer) Neiderstrasse, who were farmers. Mrs. Pinkert attended the Austrian public schools, and with her sister, Crescentia, came to San Francisco in 1891, where she resided until her marriage.

Merry Hill Mineral Water

About ten years ago Mrs. Pinkert suffered so severely from rheumatism that she came to Paso Robles for relief, and finding in the mineral waters of Merry Hill the most astonishing cure,

she persuaded her husband to purchase the entire property of about six acres; and while they lived there, having moved in the next day, and having soon after built a neat home and several houses for the springs they put the water up in five-gallon bottles and shipped it all over the state.

The property was left to to Mrs. Pinkert upon the death of her husband.

For the benefit of those who may be seeking such medicinal relief, it may be interesting here to give the analysis of the Merry Hill Mineral Water made by the State University: